Tor-tor Dance

Tor-Tor Dance is a dance that moves a rhythm with the music (Margondang) played with traditional instruments such as gondang, flute, trumpet hobo, and others. According to the history of dance tor-tor used in rituals associated with spirits, where the spirits are summoned and "enter" to statues of stone (a symbol of the ancestors), then the statue was moved like dancing but his movements stiff. The movement includes the movement of the feet (toe-toe) and hand movements. Tor-tor type of dance was different, there is called tortor Pangurason (dance cleanup). This dance is usually held at a large party which is first cleaned the place and location of the party before the party starts so far away from danger by using lime. There is also a tor-tor Sipitu Cup (Dance of the seven bowls). This dance is usually held at the inauguration of a king, this dance is also derived from the seven daughters of heaven to bathe in the mountain lake disebuah Pusuk Buhit simultaneously with the arrival piso sipitu sasarung (seven sheath knife). Then tor-tor Panaluan Single is a cultural ritual. Usually held when a disaster-stricken village, then the date panaluan danced by the shaman to be guided solutions to resolve the issue. For a single stick panaluan is a blend of magic Debata Natolu Banua Gijjang (Upper World), Banua Tonga (Middle-earth) and Banua Toru (Under World) Tor-Tor on today for the Batak people are no longer just assumed with the spirit world, but it becomes a art because the Tor-Tor into the culture in every activity Batak indigenous people.* Violinist (replaces fiddle);* Flut (replacing the Bamboo Flute);* Cello; betot replace drums* Contrabass (replacing Gong) 
Rhythm keeper held by ukulele and bass. Kontrapuntis guitar and cello which regulate rhythmic chord transition. Violin melody serves as a guide, as well as decoration / ornament below. Flut fill top decoration, floating melodies fill the empty space.
Keroncong form mixed with popular music is now using a single organ and synthesizer to accompany keroncong (in a single stage of the all party organs could play keroncong, dangdut, rock, polka, march).