Tari Piring (Piring/Plate Dance)

The plate dance (Tari Piring) is a dance art dance which is owned by the Minangkabau people from West Sumatra. The dance depicts a sense of joy and gratitude Minangkabau society when the harvest season has arrived, where the young people swinging motion step by demonstrating their skill in playing the plates in their hands.

This dance is accompanied by the song that is played with talempong and Saluang, that where the movement is done quickly while holding the plate in the palm of their hand. Sometimes the plates are they throwing into the air or they menghempaskannya to the ground and trampled on by the dancers are barefoot.

Plate dance art is done in pairs or in groups with a variety of movements performed with a fast, dynamic and noise interspersed berdentik plate carried by the dancers. At first the history of dance this dish has a purpose in the worship of the Goddess of Rice Minangkabau society and respect for the harvest. But in today's dances are more often held at the wedding.

Dance has become very popular dish even in neighboring countries like Malaysia are also often performed this dance. abroad dish known and loved dance because this dance is a movement that energetic, vibrant, attractive, dynamic, and the movement of the dance is not monotone, so the main attraction for the audience Plate Dance.
Game dishes in the hands of dancers Solok, Minangkabau, is a demonstration of how to foster households. Want to know his philosophy?

Well, according to the understanding of the population of West Sumatra, dance movement symbolizes the plate when its citizens are working in the fields. Choreography mimics the way farmers grow crops and show their expression of gratitude while reaping the harvest that would feed the whole house.

Plates in their hands filled with delicious food to be offered to the gods. But since Islam entered, dancing to the assembly plate presents sesajennya crowds and kings or princes country.

Today, dance is also used as part of the plate in a traditional wedding because the wedding day is considered as the king who deserves respect. It takes skill to hold a plate and set the expression on the face right now menarikannya.

When the dancers move fast, or so-called swing, be prepared to see the attraction throwing dishes. Plate that it will break easily thrown high into the air. And, dancers demonstrate skill in playing the plate in his hand. That's the part that symbolizes the joy when harvest season arrives.

At the close, the dancers will be flung to the ground plate and started dancing on broken plates. This is the symbol of the sanctity of the intentions of the dancers. Surprisingly, no legs, wounded from dancing jumping on top of glass.

Dance music is sounded by the clanging dishes in the hands of two rings of dancers, following rousing accompaniment of talempong and Saluang. Generally odd numbered plates dancers personnel and consists of three to seven people.