keroncong player
Keroncong is the name of the ukulele and a kind of musical instrument as well as the name of the type of music that uses distinctive Indonesia keroncong musical instruments, flutes, and a female singer.
In its earliest, Moresco music accompanied by strings, such as violin, ukulele and cello. Percussion is also sometimes used. Set the orchestra of this kind are still used by keroncong monument, which still form keroncong played by the community of Portuguese descendants of slaves from Ambon who lived in Kampung Tugu, North Jakarta, which then evolved to the south in Gambir Kemayoran by Betawi people and mingle with the music Tanjidor (year 1880-1920). Year 1920-1960 development center moved to Solo, and adapt to a slower rhythm of nature according to Java.
Pem-"native"-an art made keroncong mixed, with musical instruments such as
* Indian sitar * Fiddle * Bamboo flute * Drum, kenong, and saron as a set of gamelan * Gong.
Indonesian Group from Chicago performed Keroncong music from Java during Indonesian Festival 2009 at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

Currently, the instrument used in the orchestra include keroncong
* Choke ukulele, string 3 (nylon), the tone sequence is G, B and E; as the main musical instrument is voiced crong - crong so-called keroncong (found in 1879 in Hawaii, and is the initial start of milestone keroncong music) * Cak ukulele, strings 4 (steel), the order of tone A, D, Fis, and B. So when other musical instruments to play scales C, cak play on scales F (known as in F); * Acoustic guitar as a guitar melody, played with style kontrapuntis (anti-melody); * Violinist (replaces fiddle); * Flut (replacing the Bamboo Flute); * Cello; betot replace drums * Contrabass (replacing Gong) [2] 
Gesang, the Maestro of Keroncong
Rhythm keeper held by ukulele and bass. Kontrapuntis guitar and cello which regulate rhythmic chord transition. Violin melody serves as a guide, as well as decoration / ornament below. Flut fill top decoration, floating melodies fill the empty space.
Keroncong form mixed with popular music is now using a single organ and synthesizer to accompany keroncong (in a single stage of the all party organs could play keroncong, dangdut, rock, polka, march).