Kubu / Anak Dalam Tribe

For those of you who are interested in studying the lives of aboriginal Jambi, you can explore the National Park Mount Twelve. Tribe Child, often called The Jungle is one of the indigenous Jambi the nomadic region of lush forest. Jungle live in groups and spread in several counties; Batanghari, Tebo, Bunge, and Merangin Sarolangun. They lived in wooden huts with thatched roofs shaped stage or the like with a bunch of system construction materials rotan.Sangat interesting to study the customs, norms and rules of this tribe in which they have a tiered system where the leadership role of Chief of the district, as the supreme leader, is very important We can also look closely at how they live in harmony with nature.

Kubu tribe or also known as the Tribe Child or The Wilderness is one of the ethnic minorities living on the island of Sumatra, precisely in Jambi and South Sumatra. They are the majority living in Jambi province, with an estimated total population of about 200,000 people.

According to tribal oral tradition Child is Wrong Maalau people, who fled into the jungle m around the Black Water, Hill National Park Twelve. They then called Ancestors Segayo. Another tradition says they came from Pagaruyung, who fled to Edinburgh. This reinforced the fact indigenous tribes Child have in common language and customs with the Minangkabau tribe, like the matrilineal system.
 a group of Anak Dalam Tribe in 1930's

Broadly speaking, they live in Edinburgh in three distinct ecological regions, namely the People's camp in the northern province of Jambi (surrounding the Park Hill 30), Bukit 12 National Park, and the southern province of Jambi (Sumatra along the causeway). They live a nomadic life and based on hunting and gathering, although many of them now have rubber and other agricultural land.

Their lives are so pathetic as the loss of forest resources in Jambi and South Sumatra, and the processes of marginalization by the government and dominant ethnic groups (Malays) in Jambi and South Sumatra.

The majority of tribal stronghold embracing animism, but there are also a few dozen families who moved into the tribal stronghold of Islam
Interest In Child gods believed in spirits that control life, although some of them already familiar with Islam. They also have a knowledge of medicine which is amazing. They were able to distinguish toxic and nontoxic plants, including work at it.

They live by making use of forest products, hunting and fishing. But along with the knowledge as a result of acculturation with the outside community, some of whom had known the knowledge of gardening and agriculture.