Talempong is a typical percussion instruments Minangkabau tribe. The shape is almost the same as in the gamelan instruments bonang. Talempong can be made of brass, but some are made of wood and stone. Currently talempong of brass type is more widely used. This Talempong circular hollow on the bottom while at the top there is a prominent traffic circle diameter of five inches as a place to hit. Talempong has a different tone. The sound produced from a pair of wood slapped on its surface.
Talempong usually used to accompany dance performances or welcoming, typical dishes such as Dance, Dance Pasambahan, and Dance Waves. Talempong also used to sing the music to welcome special guests. It takes foresight Talempong played pranada DO ladder starts with and ends with SI. Talempong accompanied by chords that played manner similar to playing the piano.