Ondel-ondel is a Betawi (batavian people or Jakarta people) folk performances are often displayed in people's parties. It seems ondel-ondel portray ancestors or ancestors that preserves their grandchildren or a resident of a village.

Ondel-ondel the form of a large doll was about 2.5 meters tall with a diameter of ± 80 cm, made ​​of woven bamboo, which is prepared in such a way so easily borne from it. Form part of the face mask or a mask, a head of hair made ​​from palm fiber. Face-ondel ondel men usually painted in red, while white women. Forms show many similarities to those in several other areas.
A pair of ondel-ondel performed for the inauguration of the newly built wing of Hotel des Indes in 1923
In Pasundan known as Badawang, in Central Java called Barongan Beans, while in Bali, better known as Barong Landung. According to estimates of performances had been there since before the spread of Islam in Java.

Ondel-ondel original function as repellent reinforcements or disruption of wandering spirits. Today ondel-ondel is usually used to add vibrant folk festivals or to welcome distinguished guests, for example, at the inauguration of the new building was completed. No matter how swift currents of modernization, ondel-ondel still survive and become trimmer face of the metropolitan city of Jakarta.
Musical accompaniment
The music that accompanies ondel-ondel not necessarily, depending on each party. There are accompanied tanjidor, such as group leaders Gejen ondel-ondel, Kampung Setu. There are accompanied by martial Betawi like entourage "banyan Way" leadership Duloh, now leader Yasin, from Rawasari. There is also diirig Bende, "Kemes", Ningnong and Rebana Ketimpring, such as group leaders Lamoh ondel-ondel, Kalideres.