Pendet Dance

Pendet was originally a cult dance that many exhibited in temples. This dance symbolizes the welcoming of the gods fall into the natural world. Gradually, over the times, the artists transform Pendet to "welcome", but still contains elements of the sacred-religious.

Pendet is a statement of an offering in the form of dance ceremonies. Unlike dances performances that require intensive training, Pendet can be danced by all people, pemangkus men and women, rural women and girls.
This dance is taught simply by following the move and rarely done in the hamlets. The young girl followed the move of more senior women who understand their responsibility in providing a good example.
Dance princess who has a more dynamic pattern of motion of the dance Rejang that was delivered in groups or pairs, shown after Rejang dance in the courtyard of the temple and usually facing toward the holy (pelinggih) by wearing ceremonial dress and each dancer brings sangku, jugs, bowls equipment and other offerings.