Batak Tribe

Batak is one of the tribes in Indonesia. This name is a collective terms to identify some tribes who live and come from Tapanuli and East Sumatra, North Sumatra. Ethnic groups are categorized as Batak is: Toba Batak, Batak Karo Batak Pakpak, Simalungun Batak, Batak Angkola, and Batak Mandailing.

The majority of the Batak people converted to Christianity and the rest are Muslims. But some are embracing religion Malim and also adhere to animist beliefs (called Sipelebegu or Parbegu), although now the number of adherents of both this doctrine waned.
Districts in North Sumatra, colored, has a majority population of Batak.

Kinship is related to the legal relationship between people in social life. There are two forms of kinship for the Batak tribe, which is based on lineage (genealogy) and based on sociological, while there is no territorial kinship.

Forms of kinship based on descent (genealogy) is seen from the genealogy clan starting from Si Raja Batak, where all ethnic groups have the Batak clan. While kinship is based on sociological occurs through an agreement (inter-clan match only) or by marriage. In the tradition of the Batak, the unity of Indigenous Peoples is a blood bond in the clan, then Marga. This means for example Harahap, unity is customary Marga Marga Harahap vs. another. Given that the Batak Customary / Traditional Batak dynamic nature that is often adjusted to the time and place affect the inter-regional differences in patterns of tradition.

The existence of philosophy in the parable in Toba Batak language, which reads: Jonok dongan partubu jonokan do dongan parhundul. is a philosophy that we should always maintain good relations with neighbors, because they're the closest friends. But in a custom implementation, the first look for is the one clan, although basically neighbors should not be forgotten in the implementation of the Indigenous.