Tari Remo (Remo Dance)

Tari Remo is one of the great dance for welcoming guests, are displayed either by one or many dancers. This dance originated from East Java province.

The origins
Remo Dance comes from Jombang, East Java. This dance is a dance that was originally used as an introduction to the show ludruk. However, the development of this dance is often danced separately as a speech on state guests, danced in ceremonies of state, as well as in local arts festival. This dance is actually a prince tells of the struggle in the battlefield. But in its development is becoming more frequent dance danced by women, giving rise to other dance styles: Dance Remo Remo daughter or female styles.

Motion Rules
The main characteristics of Dance Remo is a lively footwork and dynamic. This movement is supported by the bells are mounted on the ankle. This bell sound when the dancer stepping or stomping on the stage. In addition, the movement karakteristika another scarf or sampur, nod and shake of the head movements, facial expressions, and the horses dance dancers make it more attractive. 
Clothing Rules
Clothing from Remo dancers there are a variety of styles, including: Style Sawunggaling, Surabayan, Malangan, and Jombangan. In addition there is also a typical fashion wear for women's dance style Remo.

Clothing styles Surabayan
Consisting of a red headband, shirt without buttons are black with royal style in the 18th century, limited to mid-calf pants dikait with needles of gold, coastal batik sarong that hung down to his knees, setagen tied at the waist, as well as the dagger slipped in rear. Dancers wearing two scarves, which one worn at the waist and the other one pinned at the shoulder, with each dancer holding the hand of each end of scarf. In addition, there is also a collection of bells anklet looped around the ankle.

Clothing Style Sawunggaling
Basically used the same outfit with style Surabayan, but what distinguishes the use of a long-sleeved white shirt instead of a black dress empire.

Clothing Style Malangan
Clothing styles Malangan also basically the same as Surabayan fashion style, but the difference that is on long pants leg up to touch the eye with a needle and not embeddable.

Clothing Style Jombangan
Clothing styles are basically the same Jombangan Sawunggaling style, but the difference is that dancers do not use jerseys but using the vest.

Remo Princess Clothing
Remo Princess has a different dress style of the original remo. Dancers wore a bun, wearing a black mekak to cover the chest, wearing rapak to close the waist to the knee, and only use one shawl are embeddable in the shoulder.

Remo Dance music that accompanies this is a gamelan, which usually consists of bonang barung / babok, bonang successor, saron, xylophone, gender, slentem zither, flute, kethuk, kenong, kempul, and gongs. The type of rhythm that is often sung to accompany the Dance Remo is Jula-July and Tropongan, but can also be gising Walangkekek, Gedok lively, gising-gising Krucilan or new creations. In ludruk performances, dancers usually insert a song in the middle of the dance.