Rawon is a traditional culinary heritage of East Java. Rawon a meat soup with a distinctive flavor, made with kluwek (Achariaceae). Rawon is a traditional food which is common in all regions of East Java and Central Java community east (Surakarta).

Rawon usually served with beef in a typical plate of white rice and warm. Moreover, ordinary people eat bean sprouts rawon with short spiked sauce, and salted eggs.

To make the traditional dishes that had national, spice consisting of onion, garlic, coriander, turmeric, chilli, kluwek, salt, and refined vegetable oils especially dahullu. Meanwhile, cut meat into small pieces. Blends that have been mashed, then sauteed until fragrant, with added lemon grass and galangal. After the distinctive fragrant scent of spices stir, drain stir the seasoning.

Kuah rawon obtained from boiled water Dading obtained before the meat is cut into pieces. The broth is then cooked again with seasonings and add the chops stir. When this process, the typical dark color comes from kluwek rawon beginning to show.

Rawon flavor is very distinctive flavors representing the country that are rich in spices and fragrant aroma. A plate rawon usually eaten during the day or night, and usually served separately with warm rice.

A distinctive feature is its presentation of Rawon with sauce of chili and onions, as well as short sprouts. Without short bean sprouts, rawon will tersa tasteless, because bean sprouts are what caused the short and sweet crunchy flavor in every bite rawon.

Another peculiarity is owned rawon because this dish can be one symbol of Javanese culture. Rawon often dubbed as a soup of black (black soup) from Java. When most of the soup is served in clear soup or watery, serving soup in a soup rawon jet black.

In addition to the privilege of flavor, rawon making process also requires high precision in order to balance the spices, such as kluwek, hazelnut, lime leaves, bay leaves, lemongrass, and shallots. Errors in the blended herbs and spices madankan all of which have a distinctive aroma and flavor, the problem is not easy. Therefore, although the ingredients together, not necessarily rawon produced has the same flavor.

Rawon is the nation's culinary heritage that should be preserved. Today the emerging creativity of the development of various taste rawon. Rawon now no longer appear conventional. Now, there rawon beef ribs, oxtail rawon, rawon lung, tongue rawon, rawon spleen, and so on. Everything is mixed in the glow of a black sauce with savory truly unforgettable.


Rawon now you can enjoy in various regions in Java, especially East Java Province. Almost all the districts in East Java has a shop or restaurant rawon his trademark. Hence the popularity of that, rawon also be enjoyed in other cities outside the province of East Java, including Jakarta, Bandung and Surakarta.