Traditional Aceh Clothes

Groom (linto baro) and bride (virgin baro), both use the same shirt, trousers and gloves songket. The basic ingredients of this first wedding dress is woven with silk thread. At the present time a lot of fabric made from cotton, nylon, flannel, and so forth. For the groom shirt and black pants, while the bride's dress is red or yellow with black trousers.
Clothing customary law comes with several kinds of the usual trinkets are always worn on special occasions. Trinkets include:
Keureusang (Kerosang / Kerongsang / Bros)
is jewelry which has a length of 10 cm and 7.5 cm wide. Jewelry chests are pinned on her dress (brooch type) made of gold encrusted with diamonds and diamonds. The overall shapes like hearts adorned with diamonds and diamond jewelry item number 102. Keureusang is used as penyemat clothes (like peneti) in the chest. Jewelry is a luxury and that is people wear certain clothes just as jewelry daily.
Dhoe plate
Dhoe plate is one woman's forehead jewelry Aceh. Usually made from gold or from gold plated silver. Shaped like a crown.Dhoeterbuat plate of silver gilt. Divided into three parts to each other are connected with hinges. In the center there is the size of calligraphy with the writings of God and in the middle there are writings of Mohammad-motif is called Bungong sentence motif carvings-the circled small dots and flowers.
Peuniti strand made of gold; consists of three decorative motif Pinto Aceh. Pinto Aceh motif created by carving piligran a woven with a pattern of fern and flower bud shape. In the center there is motive boheungkot (small dots like fish eggs). Pinto Aceh motif is inspired from the shape of the house, Aceh is now known as the motif carvings typical of Aceh. Peuniti is used as an ornament of women, as well as penyemat clothes.
Simplah is a jewelry chest for women. Made of silver gilt. Consisting of 24 pieces of hexagonal plates and two octagonal plates. Each plate is decorated with carved flower and leaf motif and a red jewel in the middle. The plates were connected with two strands rantaiSimplah mempunayi size of 51 cm length and width of 51 cm ..
Subang Aceh
Subang Aceh has a diameter with a size 6 Cm. Subang pair made of gold and jewels. Shaped like a sunflower with a pointy tip-pointed petals. The top of a flower-shaped slab of the Sun called "Sigeudo Subang". Earring Earring is also called uro Bungong eye.
Taloe Jeuem
Strand rope clock made of gilt silver. Consisting of a series of small rings with a chain-shaped ornament be4ntuk fish (two pieces) and one key. At the end of the chain there are two hook-shaped figure of eight. This watch strap is a complement to traditional clothes of men implicated in the clothes.