Cakalele Dance

Cakalele dance or  the dance of greatness is that when this war is more often performed to welcome guests and to the great events that are customary.

Cakalele a traditional Moluccan dance played by about 30 men and women. The dancers Cakalele men typically use machetes and salawaku while female dancers use lenso (handkerchief). Cakelele are traditional dances and the Moluccas.

The male dancers dressed in a war that is dominated by red and dark yellow. On both hands grasping weapons dancer sword (machete) on the right side and a shield (salawaku) on the left side, wearing a hat made ​​of aluminum which is inserted a white feather. Meanwhile, female dancers wear white clothes while clutching handkerchiefs (lenso) in both hands. The dancers are paired Cakalele it, dancing to the accompaniment of drum music (drum), flute, and large clams (bia) is blown.

The specialty of this dance lies in three function symbols.
(1) red dress in costume male dancers, symbolizing the sense of heroism on earth Maluku and Maluku people the courage and patriotism in the face of war.
(2) The sword in his right hand symbolizes the pride which the people of Maluku have to be maintained until the death.
(3) Shields (salawaku) and shouting loudly blaring on the dance interlude symbolize the protest movement against the system of governance that are considered impartially to the community