Joglo is a traditional house of Javanese society. Consisting of 2 main sections namely Pendapa and deep. Pendapa this part is the front that have a large room Joglo without barriers, typically used to receive guests or a playroom where children and family leisure. The inside is part of a room in the house bedroom, living room and other spaces that are more privacy. The characteristics of the building is on the roof pendapanya towering like a mountain.

Type of Building Joglo Variations
  1. Joglo limasan lawakan atau “joglo lawakan”.
  2. Joglo Sinom
  3. Joglo Jompongan
  4. Joglo Pangrawit
  5. Joglo Mangkurat
  6. Joglo Hageng
  7. Joglo Semar Tinandhu
  8. Joglo Lambang Sari
 Joglo Semar Tinandu
Joglo Semar Tinandu (semar diusung/semar dipikul) was inspired from a stretcher. Joglo is usually used to regol or royal gate
Joglo Lambang Sari
 Joglo Lambangsari is a joglo with a continuous roof system construction. This form is the most widely used in traditional Javanese buildings.