Asmat Tribe

Asmat is a tribe in Papua. Asmat tribe known as the result of a unique wood carvings. Asmat population is divided into two, namely those living in coastal areas and those living in the hinterland. Both populations are mutually different from each other in dialect, way of life, social structure and ritual. Coastal populations further divided into two parts, namely Bisman tribe that lies between the river and river Sinesty Nin and spare Shimei.
One of the Asmat tribe is making wood carvings

There are many contradictions between different villages Asmat. The most horrible is the way the Asmat used to kill his enemy. When the enemy was killed, his body was taken to the village, then cut and distributed to all residents to eat together. They sing songs of death and cut off head. His brain is wrapped in sago leaves are roasted and eaten.
Now usually, about 100 to 1000 people living in one village. Each village had one house Bujang and many family homes. Bujang house used for ceremonial and religious ceremonies. Family houses inhabited by two to three families, who have their own bathroom and kitchen. Today, there are approximately 70,000 Asmat live in Indonesia. Asmat majority of children were at school.