Karapan Sapi (Cow Race)

For the people of Madura, East Java, karapan sapi is not just a party of the people of celebrations held every year. Karapan sapis also not just a tradition that carried generations from one generation to the next. Karapan sapi is a pride that will raise the prestige of dignity in society.
The history of the origin of Beef Kerapan no one knows exactly, but based on oral sources who passed on from generation to generation is known that Kerapan sapi was first popularized by Prince Katandur Sapudi originating from the island, Sumenep during the 13th century.
Originally intending to use cows as processing power fields. Brangkat of perseverance how to plow the cow work, processing rice field soil, it worked and the barren land was turned into fertile soil.
Seeing the good ideas and bring positive results, of course, village residents followed his prince. Finally the ground all over the island which was originally Sapudi arid, fertile soil that could be planted with rice. Results panenpun abundant fertile area and be prosperous.
After the harvest came as an expression of joy for the abundant harvest Prince Ketandur have the initiative to invite people in her village to hold a cattle race. The area of ​​wetland that has been harvested area used for cattle race. Finally, cow racing tradition Prince Ketandur idea that until now continues to grow and preserved. Only the more popular name is replaced with "Kerapan Sapi".
For the people of Madura, Kerapan Cattle other than as a tradition as well as the party of the people who carried out after successful reaping the harvest of rice or tobacco. Kerapan as the party of the people in Madura has a role in various fields. For example in the field of economics (an opportunity for people to sell), the role of religious magic (ie the specific calculations for the owner of the cow before the match and the presence of certain mantras), the field of fine arts (there is on equipment that has a particular decoration), the arts dance and music art saronen (always changing and evolving).

Party People

Generally, a party of the people, organizing Kerapan Sapis are also very enthused by the Madurese community. Each time the operation is estimated Cow Kerapan present society can reach 1000-1500 people. In the party among the people and society berabagai Madura they merge into one in an atmosphere of sportsmanship and fun.

Another interesting side karapan audience of cows is an opportunity to place a bet amongst the audience. Total stakes are also varied, ranging from the class rupiahan thousand to tens, even hundreds of millions of dollars. Usually spectators who stood along the small stakes arena, not until millions. However, the big gamblers, mostly sitting on the podium or just to see from where the distance. Transactions conducted outside the arena, and usually take place at night before karapan sapi begins.


Karapan cattle owners to obtain a high prestige when able to win the traditional race. In addition, the price of beef paired direct karapan soar winner. Mislnya, who won the race in cattle prices Bull Race 2003 soared to 200 million from the previous 2 years only Rp40 million.

To form the body of a healthy calf pairs will cost up to Rp 4 million per pairs of cattle for food and other maintenance. Understandably, cattle are given various herbal karapan and dozens of chicken eggs per day, even more so before competed in the arena karapan. Based on community tradition karapan cattle owners, the animal was parachuted into the arena before the wounded in the buttocks that is scraped with a nail until his skin bled for to run fast. Even given the wound or balm sauce that dioles-dab in certain body parts such as around the eyes.

The day before the race done, partner and owner of cattle and a number of relatives staying in a tent that is placed in the field. Do not forget the party enlivened by a traditional music group Sronen who paraded before the cow couples competed. Even the traditional services were required to be carried karapan sapi. The "enthusiast" Kerapan Sapis do it all for the sake of a prestige, or prestige is indeed a unique character Madurese