Bau Nyale (Catch the Nyale)

Sasak tribal societies, on the island of Lombok, has an annual tradition that is unique, ie capture of marine worm known as Bau Nyale. Tradition is a special and sacred, because worms are arrested Nyale believed to be the reincarnation of a princess named Princess Mandalika.

Nyale Worm
Nyale (or called Bau Nyale in Lombok) is a marine worm hunting ceremony to welcome Pasola. Usually this event be held around February and March. To greet the public usually has taken various rituals of the far-away days. One was conducted in their homes, the night before the ceremony performed.

Some rituals are carried out usually is cut into the chicken and make a diamond. This is because the ritual is closely related to the activities Pasola to see the good and bad fate of someone who will take part in Pasola.

The indigenous leaders or Rato saw the processed chicken and rice cake. If the roast chicken is still bleeding from his intestines, and the diamond that has been cooked, there is a red, or brown, it is believed this is a bad omen. Namely Pasola accompanying family members, will have hazards, such as suffering wounds or even death.

As the evening wore on, the Rato in charge of observing the emergence of a full moon, soon getting ready to wear oversized clothes Rato (Or commonly called Rowa Rato). This ritual is usually done by praying on the tomb stone (grave) and facing the full moon.

By facing the full moon, the Rato can ensure the accuracy and the position of the moon, and the state of the ocean waves on the beach. From there it's timewill be decided Nyale . Once Nyale or marine worms have seen, all the residents who had gathered since dawn, begin the hunt.

This tradition is usually carried out also by the people of Bali and Lombok but usually not accompanied by Pasola
people catch nyale on beach
To that end, drama performances also served Mandalika Princess. Perhaps, since the famous beauty, the princess in applying by a number of princes. In the dilemma of choosing one of the prince and the threat of war from the prince who is rejected, the princess finally chose to throw themselves into the sea and transformed into a marine worm known as Nyale.

After reading the prayer of a public figure, without commanded thousands of residents and then move together down to the sea, to seek Nyale. Various fishing gear used to catch Nyale, ranging from a net to use my bare hands.

In addition, there are some rituals that do usually is to cut the chicken and make a diamond. This is because the ritual is closely related to the activities Pasola, namely to see the good and bad to one's fate.

The annual tradition in the title of each date 20 months 10 in Penaggalan Sasak tribe, which usually falls on one day in February and March of AD, a date that was promised the Princess Mandalika to meet people.

When the sky began to clear, Nyale disappeared, and residents returned home, with their catches. Thus, an annual tradition has been executed and thousands of residents would be re-assembled, when the incarnation of the Princess Mandalika Nyale reappear next year.

The smell of this Nyale ceremony has become one of the attractions that many eagerly awaited by foreign tourists. Therefore, the Regional Government of Central Lombok district makes this Nyale Odor ceremony as cultural assets that its implementation has been a choir event of national cultural activities.